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Healthcare systems around the world are facing ever-increasing challenges with cost, capacity, and reach, as 2 billion baby boomers are aging, making it very hard to provide qualified care. Levvel Health solves these problems with a disease agnostic, AI-based remote patient monitoring platform designed for large healthcare organizations.

The problem they have solved

AI-Enabled Remote Healthcare

“While the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted healthcare and caused radical shifts in delivery models, it has also accelerated the pace of digitalization by at least a decade. This digital transformation will be pivotal in shaping the future of healthcare.”9 - Deloitte

The benefits of remote
patient monitoring

“Imagine that you are a patient with a chronic disease making you anxious and worried, but with a click on the app you

have access to the clinical team monitoring your disease”

European Healthcare Demand & Supply Challenges1

The company is generating significant revenue and could become profitable within 2021, but the main focus is on gaining a considerable global market share and becoming the market leader in the future digital asset management market.

The solution

We need technology that...

We need technology that builds on what is already in the market! 
Levvel Health Remote Patient Monitoring software has been deployed in the European market since 2015. It has helped more than 6000 chronic European patients suffering from various conditions like COPD, Critical Heart Failure, and complicated pregnancy to a better quality of life. 
With the healthcare challenges facing the world over the coming decades, it's only natural to utilize the power of AI and big data to assist clinical decisions, diagnoses and further add to the cost-saving and capacity increase enabled by Remote Patient Monitoring technology.
This is why Levvel health is investing seriously into AI & Big Data capabilities to improve health outcomes. 

Seed capital for High-speed growth

We need technology that builds on what is already in the market!  Levvel Health Remote Patient Monitoring software has been deployed in Since the start of the pandemic, Remote Patient Monitoring has received a long-waited glow-up, which looks like a once-in-history tipping point for the industry, opening new markets and opportunities to be captured.

Levvel Health's strategy to win in the market is based on speed and accuracy, and our track record has verified the strategy's efficacy. Now, it is time to speed up even more and enter the playing field in the big league, which is why we are adding capital for High-Speed growth. 

The investment opportunity

The two major trends of Health and Tech are merging at unprecedented speed, opening for opportunities for capable, fast-moving, agile, and well-funded players to become the new market leaders in this space. 

You have the opportunity to join us today.  

Becoming an investor

If you are interested in becoming an investor in this emerging HealthTech company, ticket sizes start at USD 500.000. Would you please schedule an intro call to receive additional information on this case?

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